What is Methadone?

What Is Methadone And How Does It Work?

Page Contents Mechanism of workWhat are the side effects associated with using Methadone?What other drugs interact with Methadone?What are the warning and precautions for Methadone? Methadone is a prescription medication and a generic drug. This medication is available for sale under the brand name Methadose, Dolophine, Diskets, and others. Methadone is an opioid medication, also …

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ADHD Overview

10 Problems That Could Mean Adult ADHD

Page Contents Top 10 symptomsSign No. 1: Issues with OrganizingSign No. 2: Careless Driving and Road AccidentsSign No. 3: Marital ProblemsSign No. 4: Extreme DistractionSign No. 5: Bad Listening SkillsSign No. 6: Uneasiness or RestlessnessSign No. 7: Trouble Beginning a TaskSign No. 8: UnpunctualitySign No. 9: Anger OutburstsSign No. 10: Issues in PrioritizingGetting Diagnosed It …

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What is Epilepsy

Everything you need to know about Epilepsy

Page Contents What is Epilepsy? What are the common reasons behind it?What are the symptoms of Epilepsy?Focal (partial) seizuresSimple partial seizureComplex partial seizuresGeneralized seizure disordersAbsence seizuresAtonic seizuresTonic seizuresClonic seizuresMyoclonic seizuresTonic-clonic seizuresWhat causes Epilepsy?Common causes of seizures In newbornsIn infants and childrenIn children and adultsIn seniorsHow is Epilepsy diagnosed?Blood testsA neurological examHow is Epilepsy treated?Some treatment …

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Muscle Pain

How Skeletal Muscle Relaxer Flexeril Works?

Page Contents What is muscle spasms?What are the common causes of muscle spasms?How are muscle spasms treated?How the Skeletal Muscle Relaxer Flexeril Works?When Might You Need a Muscle Relaxer?Side effects of using FlexerilWhat are the precautions for Flexeril? Flexeril is a muscle relaxant that acts by blocking GABA receptors that carry pain sensations to the …

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Insomnia Guide

Insomnia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Page Contents What is Insomnia? Insomnia symptomsInsomnia Vs. sleep deprivationMain subtypes of Insomnia1) Transient Insomnia symptoms: 2) Acute insomnia symptoms:3) Chronic Insomnia: The possible health consequences of Insomnia include the following; Sleep disorder or Insomnia; Most of us have experienced its bothersome symptoms like difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep and both (sometimes). Patients …

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